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stella-s-tinder-fiasco-stella-liberty.mp4 [174.81MB] - Stella has yet ANOTHER blind date, this time with Elis.. And despite his super excitement to give her a gift her made she is a bit disappointed at his height and apparent age which in no way is 35. He's not giving up though, and she is a little disappointed he didn't bring flowers with him. His profile stated he was 6'2" but it's pretty obvious he fudged the truth. Stella compares their height and at least she notices that she could see over his head because he is so short. They stand back to back and she compares their arm lengths and bicep sizes. She tests his strength and asks him if he has a good sense of purpose and if he thinks he can please her or not. In no time at all she tricks him into getting on all fours so she can use him as a seat.

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