[197.00B] BUSTED & BEGGING - NyssaNevers

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busted-begging-nyssanevers.mp4 [197.00B] - STARRING NADIA WHITE, ANDREA DIPRE & NYSSA NEVERS!!! Nadia and Nyssa are so tired of pervy dudes groping on them while they are at the big adult entertainment convention. Some of these guys have no manner at all, saying nasty things to them, touching them whenever and wherever they please. It's REALLY gotten under their skin and they need someone to take it out on. So they call for their Italian BALLBUSTING slave to come into the room. He been there waiting, and he knows they are already angry, this scares him. Nyssa and Nadia explain to them why they are so pissed and that they are going to have to take out all of their anger on him, specifically his BALLS. He begs "Please Please" but they only mock him and deliver each PAINFUL kick, one in the front and one from the back, like a seesaw of pain. The more he begs, the more the kick his pathetic nuts in. And the bigger their smiles get and the louder their laughter gets. He trembles in fear and agony in between each full ON kick. In the end, this slave has done his job, both women are much happier and the decide they can manage the last day of the convention after this ballbusting therapy. ***ALSO A VERY COOL KICK COMPLIATION IS ADDED TO THE END OF THIS VIDEO, 13 KICKS AND 1 HARD BALL SLAP***

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