[910.30MB] Xiaomeng Face Compression & Condom Play - Breathplay Xiaomeng

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xiaomeng-face-compression-condom-play-breathplay-xiaomeng.mp4 [910.30MB] - [This video was shot with full consent of the model. The model was assured that she can pause or terminate the shooting and be released from any risky circumstances at any moment, by using predefined signals including but not limited to safe-words and safe-moves. WARNING: The video features performance by either professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Do not attempt to recreate any actions similar to the ones that appear in this video. No solo breathplay. NEVER.] We have another experimental video. Xiaomeng was wearing a hairnet and a light-green stocking on her head. Her face was compressed by the stocking. A condom covered her full head on top of the stocking. She did not blow up the condom in advance, so all air she had inside the condom was at most her own full lung volume, and it was decreasing during her rebreathing because of the tension of the condom together with tiny air leakage through the condom rim around her neck. How long can she stay? Can massage from a magic wand help her stay longer?

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