[623.55MB] Impregnated by a Ghost - Kelly Payne

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impregnated-by-a-ghost-kelly-payne.mp4 [623.55MB] - Kelly is resting and wakes up to a strange feeling that she’s being watched, but decides to lay back down only to feel something fill her from her pussy up inside of her stomach, she is frightened and concerned when she see’s that her stomach is now completely swollen? Huge? She looks pregnant! Before she can even think this ghost decides to have its way with her, bending her over, and pushing her in multiple positions, Kelly has no idea what’s happening to her but she can’t help but orgasm despite the unknown and fear, each time it pauses she tries to rationalize what is happening to her, until it takes her again. Once it fills her and leaves, she tries to brush it off as a bad dream and convince herself to go back to resting.

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