[1.41GB] CUSTOMQ&A: Smelly Buttcrush on Tiny Ppl - Nixlynka

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customq-a-smelly-buttcrush-on-tiny-ppl-nixlynka.mp4 [1.41GB] - GRAPHIC BUTTCRUSH THEMES & GRAPHIC THEMES GRAPHIC GRAPHIC AND HONESTY PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING! In this custom, I am asked a serious of questions and asked to answer honestly and out of character! SMELL FETISH AND FARTING 1) if you found a group of tiny people in your room, what would you do? 2) if the tiny people tried to attack you, how would you react and punish them? 3) if one of the tiny people attacking you was on your chair, would you pick them up and decide their fate or would you sit down 4) if you sat on a tiny person, explain what you think they’d experience assuming they didn’t get squished right away 5) if you intentionally sat on a tiny person, what would say and do while sitting there 6) if you accidentally sat on a tiny person who wasn’t mean, would you feel bad 7) if you had a tiny person that you hated and you wanted to hurt him, and you just got home from the gym, would you rather step on him in your sweaty socks or sit on him in your leggings 8) explain what you think it would feel like to sit on a tiny person 9) if you saw one of your friends accidentally sit on a tiny person, how would you react 10) if you saw a tiny person sitting in your chair and you didn’t care about him, would you think it’s funny if your butt stinked or would you rather be clean before sitting down 11) if you sat on a tiny person and they screamed out that your butt stinks, how would you react 12) have you ever accidentally sat on a bug before 13)if you did sit on a bug, how would you react and would you feel bad 14) if you accidentally sat on a mouse, how would you react and would you feel bad 15) What do you think would happen to a mouse if you sat on it 16) you’ve been making more giantess clips lately, how do you feel about the giantess fetish and what would be your favorite way to humiliate or hurt a tiny person if you had the chance 17)have you ever sat on someone’s face, and did you worry If your booty smelled bad

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